Rivka Nahmias is a Lab Diamond Dealer and Jeweler.
Her jewelry is to be worn every day, like talismans.


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Parisian, coming from the world of art and fashion, Rivka Nahmias infuses into her collections the teaching of her spiritual Masters. Her talismans, set with diamonds, emeralds or rubies, her creations inspired by sacred geometry, her rings and alliances with bohemian spirit or with structured lines, all diffuse in their aura a shine that makes them one of a kind. With her body jewelery collection in gold chains and fine stones that undulate on the skin, she adds a touch of sensuality that sublimates the beauty of women. Rivka uses 18-carat gold, certified ethical diamonds and each jewel is handmade in accordance with the techniques of French jewelery.

Jewelry lovers? Rivka realizes the jewel of your dreams in her studio located near Place Vendôme. Make a wish ...