700.00 tax excl.

Maëva gets married, Sarah becomes a mother, Claire celebrates her 30th birthday ... At important date, you need an exceptional gift! 

And if we met? To offer her a beautiful jewel in 18-carat gold set with diamonds, which she will see worn for years to come as the symbol of friendship, of the strong and sincere love that we carries to her.

Each friend or family member buy a diamond and all shares the price of the gold chain, to create a long necklace paved with beautiful diamonds.
The day comes ... it is a beautiful jewel she will discover, made to measure in Paris, unique and personal and which will bring together as many diamonds as friends.
The price of the 40 cm chain with the mini Talisman is 552 €
Then you check the amount of diamonds you like.
1 diamond per friend or parent is the concept! But free to you to get more ...
For exemple, on the picture we see the necklace with 3 more diamonds